Who are we?

The Leading Water Experts in South-west Queensland

Pumps N Solar are an award winning irrigation supply retailer who specialise in providing quality solutions for a wide range of water related projects. For all jobs large and small, we strive to deliver expert advice to ensure that you get clean water where you want it, when you want it.

  • Quality

We provide our customers with the highest quality products from the world’s leading irrigation equipment suppliers. From pipes & fittings through to tanks and submersible pumps – we source equipment that is built to last, and designed for efficiency.

  • Experience

Australia is currently facing the most intense El Niño cycle ever observed, which will see reduced rainfall and dryer weather conditions throughout Queensland. Our extensive experience in designing efficient and cost effective water systems can assist you in providing much needed water to drought-ridden areas.

  • Reliability 

We understand the need for urgent and reliable service when working with our most valued resource. Our team consistently delivers premium services for the design, sales, installation and maintenance of all irrigation equipment.

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